Employment History

Microsoft Games Studios Vancouver

September 2007 to Present

Principal Software Engineer
  • First engineer hired at BigPark, which was founded in 2007
    • BigPark was purchased by Microsoft in June 2009
  • Game Engine Architect on nextgen-ready BigPark engine
    • Multi-core from the ground up
    • Component-based, multi-threaded Entity System with built-in replay capabilities
    • This engine was subsequently adopted by Rare, UK
  • Physics Engineer on all Joy Ride titles
    • Sophisticated, highly customizable vehicle dynamics engine marrying detailed physics and arcade gameplay
  • Lead Programmer, JoyRide Kinect, JoyRide Free-To-Play (shelved)
  • Lead Programmer, Wizard Defense (www.wizarddefense.com)

Electronic Arts

March 2004 to September 2007

Senior Software Engineer
  • Physics Programmer and Engine Architect on unannounced 3rd person action shooter (cancelled)
    • Build cutting-edge scene-analysis system to allow character to auto-navigate an arbitrary world without markup
    • State-of-the-art powered ragdoll mechanism
    • Designed and implemented component-based, multi-core Entity system with built-in replay capabilities
  • Physics/Ragdoll and Systems Programmer on NBA Live 2006 (Xbox360)
    • Designed and implemented Powered Ragdoll system used to improve the look of the player interations without affecting animation fidelity
  • Physics and Engine Programmer on unannounced skating game (cancelled)
  • General Programmer, Trouble Shooter, Tricky Bug fixer on Def Jam Fight for New York

Climax Studios Brighton

April 2000 to March 2004

Lead Software Engineer
  • Physics Programmer
    • Designed and built the Dyne Physics Engine, used in all Climax titles
    • Implemented arcade-style car physics used in multiple Climax racing games
    • Implemented motorcycle physics engine for the highly-acclaimed MotoGP series on Xbox (and subsequently Xbox360)
  • Core Technology Lead
    • Designed and implemented significant parts of the Blimey Game Engine, used in the majority of Climax titles
  • Lead Programmer on Rally Fusion (XBox, PS2, Gamecube)
  • Various programming roles on multiple racing titles

Acclaim Entertainment London

January 1998 to April 2000

Software Engineer
  • Physics, Frontend, Effects Programmer on Re-Volt (PC, PS1, N64, DC)


September 1997 to December 1997

Software Engineer
  • First job after finishing my PhD
  • Studio was closed down just after I started!

University of London

September 1994 to September 1997

  • PhD, Physics: Quantum Mechanical Simulation of the Scanning Tunnelling Microsocpe

Univeristy of Durham

September 1991 to June 1994

  • BSc, Physics (1st Class Honours)



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